132: Rise 2018 Review

This week, Dylan and Brian share their experiences from the Rise Float Gathering in St. Louis last month. The beauty of the event is the intimacy and intentionally small number of participants, where everyone has a chance to spend time together. The environment felt welcoming and fluid, with a heart-centered vibe. The revisit how the roundtable discussion flowed, and how great it was to hear from so many individuals on a specific topic, all the while realizing there is no right or wrong answer to the question that was posed. The Rise Float Gathering was full of inspiring conversations and speakers - from creating a powerful float experience to running your business like a non-profit in order to benefit your community at large. They talk about the mind-blowing prose to the soothing singing bowls to some thoughts about how strict to be on policies and procedures. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve heard about the latest goings-on from Amy about Float Alchemy. This week, she shares about the latest with her inspection dilemmas, and how her team handled getting ready for the epoxy flooring to go in… with their custom-made tanks already in the rooms. Hello, levitating tanks and persistent float center owners. (Check the show links to see a video of this in action!) She launched their new marketing campaign for the Float Club, with a fun twist for customers to “race” to beat the floor installation. Amy and Dylan explain what they’re doing - or not doing - for their Mother’s Day promotions, and Amy talks about her strategy for discounting services at her new facility. Dylan revisits the idea of “upselling” and “selling memberships”, and how we can change our mindsets to make that a more comfortable skillset. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://artofthefloat.com/aof/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/20180508_133806.mp4" autoplay="true"][/video]   Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Escape Pod - Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon