Presence is a Gift

Whether you are running your float center by yourself or if you have a slew of employees, where you put your attention and your level of presence will change the experience in your float center as much as the type of float tanks you have.

I encourage you to practice presence when a client walks in the door. Put everything out of your mind except the experience you are having in that moment. I would also encourage you to practice presence beforehand, afterwards. Take the time to be still and focus.

Your attention as a business owner is going to be pulled in a countless number of directions at once. The less aware you are when your attention is needed, the more it will continue to divide over and over until you head is reeling. Even when you are focused on one item (or even sleep) the back of your mind will continue to spin plates and take up your brain’s resources. The more present you are in every interaction, the more you will be able to successfully complete tasks, organize projects, delegate work etc.

Practice Presence

It is a gift to your customers and it enhances your life. When you are practicing the art of being present, you see more, you are more sensitive to others, and your experience in any given moment is richer. You feel better. Your blood flows more fluidly. You smile more. You make smarter decisions.

I hope that during the waves of seemingly overwhelming business, that you take the time to step away from the task that is calling your attention. Breathe, notice the space you are in, the colors that surround you, your sense of touch. Let your awareness in the moment grow. Let it stay for a time. Then focus again at what you are working on, you may have a refreshed view on the project, or decide you should be doing something else. More than a task book, a checklist, or a flow chart alone, practicing presence will make any moment easier and more fulfilling.