Pregnancy & Floating

If you operate a float center, than you have heard the question "Is floating while pregnant a good idea?" a thousand times, I'm sure. So is it a good idea? What are the benefits specific to a pregnant woman? Is there anything to be concerned about? Important Note: Any woman who is going to float while pregnant should get the approval of their midwife, OB or other provider beforehand. There may be special considerations that your provider is aware of that we or you might never consider. So whenever someone asks if floating while pregnant is okay, please always let them know they should talk to their doctor first. Womb Within Womb The number one thing we hear from pregnant floater is that they experienced a ‘womb within womb’ feeling while in the tank. I can only imagine how much of a special experience that is. Describing this to potential floater who is pregnant is always very exciting. We also hear all sorts of stories about different baby activity while floating. Whether its doing loops in their newly spacious home or simply having a zen moment with mom, it can all happen in the tank. Can you imagine how much stimulus is coming in to a baby all the time? To switch off all that sensory input isn’t just for you, little baby is also having a very unique experience as well! Concerns One of the number one concerns pregnant women have before a float is whether or not they can lay on their back. It’s awesome to be able to say “yes you can!”. because of the weightlessness in the float tank, there isn’t direct pressure on the back that would normally cut of fluids. In the float tank you can finally fall asleep on your back again. Pillows! With that being said, many women do like to try floating on their side or even their stomach. For that reason we always add extra float pillows into the room. By putting an extra pillow by their feet, stomach or head, a person can get comfortable in the fetal position on their side or for a time completely face down, but with their head out of the water.


If you think it's a little ironic that a man is writing an article about floating, know that I do as well! If you would like to hear a woman who has experienced floating while pregnant firsthand, vote to hear her speak at this years Float Conference by clicking here!