Post Float Conference Glow 2017

We’ve got a big, juicy Float Conference episode ripe for the pickin’! Can’t beat the feelgoods that come from a long weekend of hanging out with inspiring, like-minded people and talking about why we do what we do. Super cool new float tank designs, electrifying presentations on float research, and tons of motivation to stay on course with improving people’s lives. Some things at Float Conference, we plan on, but loads of experiences happen throughout the event that could never been anticipated. Dylan and Brian share some highlights of this year’s gathering, and Amy joins in reminiscing about conferences in years prior. She’s definitely attending next year - we have her word! A bittersweet, yet vital, change to the podcast’s lineup has been made official. It’s important that Lance devote himself to important aspects of life, and we all send him so much love and support on his journey. We miss you already! Hiccups in the plan are the normal when opening a float center. Somehow, that process can be more stressful the second time around. Being able to expect the unexpected surprises can actually backfire! Amy manages this process so gracefully, and she shares with us some of what helps motivate her to keep taking intelligent risks and see this through. Dylan’s sleep deprivation might not have caught up with him yet, but he sure is feeling the reviving effects that the past several days had to offer! He also talks about how at one point, his inner dialogue went from nervous and superficial - to speaking from a deeper purpose. There’s a special mantra that facilitated this shift. WARNING - Contains Adult Language. (Hah!) A lot of us passionate folks tend to be more introverted and might feel a little intimidated by the massive gathering that is Float Con, but engineer Brian can attest to the magical comforting properties of being around all these incredible people. Also, he realized that some of you might be missing out on a humongous resource for us floaty people, so listen up!  
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