Post Float Client Engagement

How should we be engaging with clients to best help them integrate their float into their daily lives? Dylan shares how the Float Shoppe has been struggling to rework how transition times are executed so that the post-float client engagement isn't missed. Lance and Amy offer ideas on how this can be achieved through signage and inviting spaces instead of adding an extra employee to each shift. Lance details the recent special additions to the Float Shack’s space, including hanging eaves troughs with plants, that foster cozy spaces for clients. The gang discusses how to maximize and make space for clients regardless of square footage.   But first! In float news...We've got the details of the upcoming Art of the Float industry roundtable discussion and how you can join. Let's keep the industry-wide conversation going even after the Float Conference!   Lance reports back from the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Conference where Graham Talley, Ashkahn Jahromi, and Jason Macdonald gave a presentation on floating. Big topics of discussion were chlorine vs. H2O2 and how to classify float tanks. Mark at Float Nashville had a fruitful conversation with Cooper Atkins, makers of their digital thermometers, about how salty tank water could be impacting the thermometers' calibration. Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins October 1st, and Amy, a breast cancer survivor herself, is implementing an ingenious idea for spreading awareness in her center that was proposed by a client. She's also celebrating Float Nashville's third anniversary! [caption id="attachment_1412" align="aligncenter" width="486"]pasted-image-at-2016_09_28-08_31-pm The Float Industry Representing at the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Conference[/caption] Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Cooper-Atkins thermometer - 35132 Cooper-Atkins thermometer - 35200  

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