129: Planning a float Center

This week, Amy continues to roll out new services at her second location, and she’s working to balance the operations, continued build-out for the remaining services, and frequent visitors who are stopping in to show support.  She shares about the unexpected challenges of the getting people to try the new modalities at Float Alchemy when they’re excited to float, and finding a plumber to help them finish the float rooms to get those enthusiastic customers in there. Dylan flew out of town to meet with a consulting client to work on the details for their new float center. Murphy’s Law was in full force though, because after months of no mishaps with their tanks, an electrical issue came up at The Float Shoppe, so he got to walk his team through the repairs over the phone. Amy and Dylan share tips about decisions you should make during the construction phase that will have a lasting impact on the day-to-day operations later, from plumbing to heating and cooling your rooms… and why you need rugs. They discuss the experience needed in order to tune into the details of a project, beyond just opening your own center, and how to find a balance between keeping an eye on the budget and spending money for the long-run. Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds