Our Biggest Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and floatrepeneurs, despite our intense dedication, passion, and planning, are no exception. Dylan, Amy, and Lance reveal the mistakes - nay, lessons! - they’ve encountered in starting and running their float centers. The initial roadblock of finding a location for Float Nashville led Amy to a space that, in retrospect, should have been larger so that her office and storage could fit under the same roof. Then, when planning flooring for the float rooms, she was given two options by state regulations. Hear how she would have challenged the regulations if given those two options again. Dylan shares how he would have designed his float rooms at the Float Shoppe differently had he known that float tanks themselves aren’t soundproof. Lance too would have designed his float rooms at the Float Shack differently as he’s found that his rooms are too large. For Dylan and Lance both, the intention to save money through DIY construction and plumbing led to delayed openings, exhaustion, and ultimately not as much cost-saving as they’d hoped. Our hosts discuss how they’ve learned to best utilize their time and energy as owners through hiring help and delegating. Also, in float news, Amy shares an article that came out last week from a writer who has never floated and, as a result, doesn’t represent floating or Float Nashville with accuracy. Hear how she’s turning it into an opportunity. Dylan discusses the hanging ceiling in his new float room and how construction is going. Lance participated in an expo recently, and our hosts discuss the challenges of doing an expo versus the benefit of educating and connecting with the community. [gallery columns="2" ids="https://artofthefloat.com/aof/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Healthy-Living.jpg|The Float Shack at Healthy Living,https://artofthefloat.com/aof/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/IMG_2770-e1453320413291.jpg|The Float Shoppe's hanging ceilings are complete!"] Show Links ‘Isolated brain waves’ article MINDBODY Software