New Co-Op Style Membership

Hello everyone, my apologies for not posting last week. We've been so busy with new projects and projects just finishing up. One of them I would like to talk about with you today. It's a new membership plan that the Float Shoppe we will be announcing soon. We've found that while floating is our flagship product, we offer a very versatile spread of options for our customers. Simply having float membership, massage membership or yoga memberships feels archaic at this point in the FS lifespan. To address this we are planning on having a Co-Op style membership. Members will pay a monthly fee that will give them access to deep discounts on all of our offerings. It's that simple. We believe this style of membership will have 3 affects. I'm curious what you think about this and what issues we might find as we implement it. One Membership The first thing this should satisfy is those who want a membership for floats only, massage only, yoga only etc. Instead of having a specific membership for each modality, we will cover all our bases with one membership. We will still have our floats only membership, but we think sign-ups will dwindle in favor of the new membership. The simplicity will be an added value. A Customer Bond Co-Op memberships aren't just about getting a good deal, it's about supporting the business that you love. We believe that this continues to expand our sense of community. Not only is the customer being taken care of with great discounts through membership, but they are consciously supporting us us as well. Your Home for Wellness Another major reason for this membership is that we hope it opens peoples minds to all of the offerings we have. Maybe you only do Yoga here, but with your membership a float is a low cost choice to make. If you come in for floats twice a month, all of a sudden a float/massage combo may sound like a more reasonable option. We truly are a wellness center, so we want to encourage people to see us as just that, their center for wellness. I am curious what you think about this model. What are some things we should be considering as we launch this? What kinds of hurdles do you see that we should consider? We'll be sure to post an update on how this has worked for our business. We appreciate your thoughts so much!