New Competition

This week, the gang explores the many areas and variances of competition that orbit a float center. One of course is other float centers, and, with a new float center opening within close proximity to the Float Shoppe, Dylan is challenged to embrace the virtues of healthy competition and neighborly cooperation. He shares how it's also motivated him to enhance areas of the business that could use elevation. Beyond other float centers, any entity in which people are deciding to spend their time and money, be it a yoga center or a gym, is a competitor. Competition exists in push-back or lack of acceptance from pockets of the health and wellness industry that are slow to embrace floating and encourage referrals. How can we cooperate with and grow better from such challenges to our businesses? But first! Let's talk salt buildup, often toted as float centers' number one cause of damage. Spurred by discussion in the industry regarding methods to mask or camouflage salt, our hosts discuss their opinions on this idea and the practices used in their centers. Lance shares the zero tolerance policy on salt buildup he employs at his center and why. Need some ideas on using the Pokemon Go craze to your advantage? Amy shares how she and Mark got creative with gift bags, coupons, lures, and challenges to connect with the Pokemon fans in Nashville. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Float Conference Speaker Voting  

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