Memberships with Guest Host Melchor Satuito

Guest host, Melchor Satuito joins us from his family owned and operated float center, Enlighten Float located in San Ramon, CA. The discussion topic for this week’s episode came about since Dylan and Sandra have settled on a simplified version of the various Float Shoppe membership iterations, and Dylan also gets some input from the gang about doing another promotional push to further increase membership numbers. This new model has just about tripled their number of members and stabilized their finances with regular, reliable income, but this isn’t necessarily what’s going to work for everyone. There is still plenty of room in the industry for all sorts of successful approaches to operating a float center! Melchor has put in the work to discover a trend among his clientele and has subsequently released a layaway style membership option where the monthly financial and time commitments are significantly less. Whether creating prestige and exclusivity with a limited number of ‘founding members’ offers or a time-sensitive enrollment period to lock in an introductory discount, it is important to create a sense of urgency and value. This and so many other facets of membership design are explored; like whether to restrict shareability, contracting a minimum commitment or not, monthly autopay versus annual lump sum discount, and how to foster a deepening relationship with members once they have already signed up. For those times when you might be feeling a little lost in your journey, Melchor reminds everyone to keep at it - the universe will provide. Amy had a busy week putting in a newly modified Oasis float tank they had issues with in the past. With the help of another person experienced in fiberglass work, Mark altered the shape of the tank, added a light, created a non-slip floor, and installed his custom base heating element. This tank was supposed to go be installed in August, so this is happening just a little behind schedule! It had some electrical issues when it was first installed, but seems like it’s now on board and working just fine. Good news on the Nashville float community front! Amy and Mark finally were able to form a connection with a soon-to-be local float center who reached out for help troubleshooting non functioning float tank issues. This past weekend, the Float Shoppe had an open house that turned out to be a bust! There was a disconnect in communication between Dylan and Sandra, and they didn’t really figure out who will do what for the event. No one did any promoting all, so only a handful of visitors stopped by. Dylan wasn’t even able to make it since his car battery died that morning. Though it wasn’t what they intended it to be, it was still an excellent learning experience and illuminated the importance of communication. Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Enlighten Float AppSumo