Massage & Floats in Depth

The gang explores massage and floating! Lance, curious about the possibility of adding massage as an offering at the Float Shack, has quite a few questions for Dylan and Amy, who both have experience offering massage in their centers. Massage and floating blend together seamlessly, but will adding massage help further the mission of your center? Our hosts discuss the many important factors to consider, from maximizing your square footage, to weighing the income brought in by a massage room vs a float room, to knowing what your community will embrace. Once you’ve decided to add massage as an offered service, then comes the challenging task of finding an LMT who delivers an incredible massage and also jives with the mission your center. It also gets a little tricky when considering whether to hire LMTs as employees or as independent contractors in terms of how they’re paid, how massage is scheduled, and how you pair the massage with the float. Hear what Lance thinks of all this in terms of what will be best for his center! In float news, Amy reports back on how the change she made six months ago to Float Nashville’s membership program has fared and the feedback she’s received from both clients and employees. Lance talks about how his transition from mechanic to full-time float center owner is going and how his business coach is guiding him, and Dylan fills us in on how he’s prepping his new float room for beta testers. [caption id="attachment_1080" align="aligncenter" width="268"]Slack for iOS Upload-3 Lance represents this week with another strong sweater showing. That hat though, that can never be topped.[/caption] Show Links Book Yourself Solid Water After Massage article Independent Contractor vs Employee video Zipwhip

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