Management, Music & Memberships, Oh My!

The gang reconvenes this week to discuss the latest developments, challenges, and projects within their float centers. Construction has begun on the road in front of The Float Shack, and Lance has started to feel the rumbles. He talks about how they're preparing their clients and how they plan to handle clients whose floats are disturbed. Amy is recording again from Florida and talks about the challenge of managing and communicating with her float center from a distance. She, Dylan, and Lance discuss structuring a clear and effective flow of communications that allows for managers to receive constructive feedback from staff. They also discuss how their communications skills have evolved over time when it comes to employees and delivering feedback. Amy's business partner, Mark, posted in Float Collective this week about the problematic but common practice of float centers utilizing music in their centers without compensation to the writers, production, and publishing companies. Amy talks about what she has learned about this issue from Mark and how we can be a part of a solution. She also talks about some marketing she's doing for National Nurses Week.   The Float Shoppe's new single-tier membership has finally launched and is a hit with floaters but took much longer to get going than expected. Dylan talks about the surprising complexities and challenges that came up in the process of getting this new offering dialed in and what he foresees for the success of the membership. Amy has also had some success with offering an annual membership. With training new team members being the current focus of the Float Shoppe, their internship program has been put on pause, something Dylan hopes can be picked up again soon. He, Amy, and Lance discuss the pros and cons of having interns and the important legal considerations. 

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