What Makes a Float Center Succeed? With Jeremy Warner of Escape Pod

The gang is joined this week by Jeremy Warner of Escape Pod Float Tanks. Jeremy’s tanks have been described as weird and funky, and Jeremy talks about how the purpose of the design is to optimize the float experience. He, Dylan, and Amy deliberate about the factors that make a tank someone’s favorite tank. An Escape Pod was Amy’s first float tank, and she shares a story that exemplifies how buying a float tank is buying into a relationship with the manufacturer. With some float centers having to close down recently, Jeremy shares the elements he sees in float centers who are thriving and what he’s noticed about businesses that fail. He and our hosts discuss the changes they’ve noticed over time in the state of the industry, from shifts in public perception to varying momentum within the industry, and what we could be doing better. Dylan had quite a scare this week when he wasn’t able to find a clog in a shower that wasn’t draining and was told it may be a more complicated $22,000 problem. He shares what was eventually found 49 feet down. He also experienced walking into a float room to clean and discovering that the client had smoked marijuana in the room, leaving an obvious smell behind. He and Amy share their protocol for handling such situations. Another float center, Pure Sweat, has opened up in Nashville, and Amy talks about how her center has already benefited from Pure Sweat’s marketing. She talks about the type of collaborative relationship that she hopes this will be. Amy also offers advice on how to stay on top of social media marketing, such as Facebook Live, when it seems like there’s never a good time to do it. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Art of the Float Patreon Art of the Float Roundtable Escape Pod Tank Meta Vertical Float Tanks Richard Bonke Alternative Waking States Induction Method Contact Jeremey: info@escapepodtank.com  

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