Let's go on vacation!

> If you’ve experienced burnout, you’re not alone! No matter what stage of growth your float center is in, with seemingly endless ideas and tasks to be developed regarding marketing, construction, financing, etc., time is money, so it’s easy to over-extend ourselves, particularly if working another job to make ends meet. What often gets left out is time for rest and recharge, the very thing we’re working to offer to others! What about time for friends and family? Has that dwindled too? Dylan, Amy, and Lance share their own struggles with burnout and what they’ve learned. Without question, vacation and breaks are essential for wellness, but how do you let go and decompress without letting everything pile up at work? Dylan and Amy talk about the getaways they each took last week, how they fared in letting go, and if they feel that it was time well-spent. In float news, pre-sale tickets have gone on sale for the Float Conference! If you’ve never been and are wondering what it’s like, our hosts describe all that is offered there and why it’s well worth the trip. At the 2015 Float Conference, Graham announced the Float Fund to fund research on salt water’s efficacy in killing harmful organisms, and the first round of results are in! Amy reviews the results and what it all means. Our hosts also touch upon the heated feelings that exist throughout the industry about the political nature with which this research came about and how it could potentially impact the future of the industry. [caption id="attachment_1063" align="aligncenter" width="227"]Slack for iOS Upload We forgot to mention Lance's sweater on todays show, but rest easy, we documented it's beauty![/caption]   Show Links Floataway  – Show Sponsor Float Conference Float Fund - NSF Magnesium Sulfate Test Results Rich Martin - Float Conference 2014 Flöt Atlanta

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