International Therapeutic Floatation Conference w/Cecel & Amy

Cecel Roebuck and Amy Lemley join the crew to talk about a new conference they’re planning: the International Therapeutic Floatation Conference. Cecel shares that his hope is to bring floatation therapy to a broader audience, especially including alternative health and similar medicinal practitioners. He envisions filling the audience with float center owners who can help share knowledge with the other service providers who attend. Winter is in full swing - viruses, snow shovels, and salt for everyone! Since it was a challenging week with his entire family being ill, Dylan stayed away from The Float Shoppe, but they’ve made the decision to install FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) wall panels this year. He and Amy discuss the merits of using it instead of dealing with the constant upkeep of traditional walls and paint. Amy shares some HUGE news for Float Alchemy, and she talks about the impact of the snow hitting Nashville while they’re fully booked. Back to the conference, after some conversation in the Float Collective Facebook group and some confusion about the similarity of the name of their event to The Float Conference hosted in Portland each each, Cecel and Amy have renamed the event “The International Therapeutic Floatation Conference”, or “IT Float Con” for short. They’re grateful to the Float Collective for sharing their feedback. Cecel shares his history in show production with companies like Disney, before he moved into massage therapy and met float center owners who traded floats for his massages. He continued doing production shows and parades across the globe, while balancing a career as a cardiovascular perfusionist too. They’re still working on getting contracts signed for the final guest/speaker lists, but they share a few names you may recognize, and they outline the confusion between those who are “scheduled to present” and the “invitees” listed on their website, and go on to share information about Cecel’s non-profit organization, and the board for that organization, as well as the board for the conference. Amy and Dylan also share many of the questions that were brought up in a recent conversation on the Float Collective, and Cecel and Amy L. respond to each of them. [caption id="attachment_2444" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Boss baby ran the Float Shoppe employee meeting over Skype.[/caption] Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon