Industry Round Table Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of the Industry Roundtable Discussion from the Float Conference! This portion of the discussion focuses on client retention through optimizing membership structures, doing purposeful sales, and building client connections with thank you cards and call backs. We also discuss building community within and around your center and how that leads to finding dedicated employees.   This week, in float news!...Dylan brushed off his float facilitator cap and worked a shift at the Float Shoppe! Although a bit rusty, he made it through and shares his takeaway of appreciating what his employees do every day. He, Amy, and Lance discuss their different stages of business growth and how that relates to time required of them in the center. Mark at Float Nashville has discovered an ingenious yet incredibly simple tool for getting soap and suds out of the tank water. You'll never guess this item that you probably already have in your house! When it comes to advertising, is print dead or still a valuable medium? Our hosts discuss how print advertising has the potential to reach a certain demographic of clients. Dylan shares how The Float Shoppe earned advertising credit with a local periodical. Reminder: After changing a filter, remember to put the bleed screws back in BEFORE starting the pump! Lance shares how he learned this the hard way this past week. If you haven't heard of CreativeLive, a resource for free and paid online classes, you may want to sign up. Amy shares how she has caught free classes on topics such as utilizing Snapchat and doing online broadcasts. Always wanted to learn how to be a funnier speaker? Here's your resource! Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Float Tank Hair Basket Toilet Brush Hack Filter Savers Filter Savers (Amazon link) CreativeLive The Limit Does Not Exist Podcast

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