Industry Round Table Part 1

If you weren't able to make it to our industry roundtable discussion at the Float Conference, you're in luck! We've got the recording for you and, today, are playing the portion of our discussion focused on marketing. Floatrepreneurs at the roundtable shared an immense amount of their valuable information and experiences on topics such as budgeting for marketing, educating your community, teaming up with hotels and local athletic events, and how to catch the attention of health care professionals who could be potential referrers. Don't have a huge budget for marketing? You'll definitely want to listen for some innovative ideas for campaigns that you’re encouraged to steal!    Speaking of marketing, Lance has joined forces with a local massage business to create a campaign designed to attract at least 75 new customers to each business. He talks about the benefits of engaging another business and the opportunity to get to know their clients. You may recall a discussion from a previous episode about putting a net in your pump's hair basket to trap extra hair. Lance provides some clarifying instructions on how to install the net properly so that it doesn't end up being sucked into your pump. He's also passing along a tip from Jeff Cellier of Float House South Surrey about how a toilet brush end (a new one of course!) can further help catch those wispy hairs. Dylan's Floatarium tank has been suffering further leakage from the pump. He talks about how he's created a temporary fix to isolate and minimize the leak while pieces for the brand new pump system are beginning to arrive. He and Lance also talk about how 90 degree angles in your pump’s piping can create problems with your water and flow rate. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Flotation Therapy Weekly Filter Savers Filter Savers (Amazon link) Float Tank Comparison Guide Bookmark this Amazon link to help support the show!

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