How Many Float Tanks for Your Center?

How many tanks are needed to run a float center? In terms of finances, the mission of the business, and the needs of the community? How about the personal goals of the owner(s) in terms of running a steady lifestyle business versus a business that seeks to expand number of tanks, number of services, and even number of locations? Speaking of expansion! Amy poured herself a glass of champagne this week and shares with us her exciting news regarding her second location. Our hosts discuss how to pause for celebration in moments like these when there’s always another hurdle just around the corner. There was a setback this week with the floor installation in Dylan’s new float room, but he and the team turned it into an opportunity to make progress with painting and tiling. Lance shares how he and the Canadian Float Collective have been working with the National Health Practitioners of Canada to get floating reviewed to hopefully be covered by health insurance! Then, we take time to listen and respond to comments and questions from listeners about 60 versus 90 minute floats and whether or not float center owners should encourage clients to aim for sensory deprivation during their floats as opposed to playing music or having light. Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss how they feel about the importance of not defining a correct way to float but, instead, encouraging exploration and experimentation in the tank. [gallery ids="|Cubes under The Float Shoppe floor for vibration reduction,|Altro Marine 20 Flooring ... Soon to be installed in The Float Shoppe!,|Please leave the new floor alone!"] Show Links Show Sponsor - Floataway Unsinkable by Emily Noren - Print Version Purchase Page The Float Shoppe's Floating Floor Installation Time Lapse Video The Float Shoppe's Painting Time Lapse Video Canadian Float Collective National Health Practitioners of Canada

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