How Do You Give a Float Intro?

  With so much that could be said to a customer who is coming to float for the first time, Dylan, Amy, and Lance share what they feel are the important points to cover, what perhaps shouldn’t be covered, and how they’ve designed float introductions at their centers. It begins with the warm greeting and lobby environment that help the customer transition from their state in the outside world to what they’re about to experience in the tank. Then, finding the balance between hitting all the points of an introduction while keeping the interaction genuine and personal. Finally, does informing about the benefits of floating, possible mental states in the tank, and other floaters’ experiences potentially color the customer’s float, and is that a positive or negative thing? Hear how our hosts feel about this issue. [gallery link="file" ids="|The Float Shoppe Lobby,|Float Nashville Waiting Room,|Float Nashville Front Desk,|The Float Shack Lobby,|Inside the "shack" inside the Float Shack,|Front desk of the Float Shack,|The "shack" inside the Float Shack"] Show Notes Floataway (sponsor) Float Facilitators

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