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Kalyn Wolf of Cloud Nine Flotation joins the gang this week following her response to the show’s request for worst moments in opening a float center. In January, she was in crisis mode with an empty schedule despite lots of marketing efforts and growing fear of not being able to pay the bills. She shares how she teamed up with another float center in town to rethink her marketing, which involved stepping back from Groupon and reaching out to populations of people who are likely to become regular floaters. Kalyn talks about how going through crisis forces creative thinking and is made easier by cooperating with local competition. Kalyn’s center is run from her home, and she describes how she’s designed and decorated the space to look like a commercial float center. She shares the benefits she’s found in running her center from home and offers advice to anyone considering that option. She then turns the interview around and asks our hosts for their most successful marketing strategies. A tornado passed through Nashville, knocking trees down and causing damage, but fortunately Float Nashville is okay! The rebuild of their open float tank is complete, and Amy discusses the updates they made and the satisfaction of finishing an upgrade. Upgrades are also in the works at The Float Shack, from repainting to reorganizing art. Lance and Dylan discuss how to make sure the little touch-ups don’t slip by when they’re not the most pressing maintenance need. Lance shares the details of The Local Loop campaign, a cooperative project with local businesses. He also got some difficult news this week that the road in front of The Float Shack is going to be torn up, meaning it will be a summer of battling construction. The Float Shoppe’s tile showers were in need of touch-up where salt had slowly caused the tiles to liquefy. Lance talks about using porcelain tile and how to prevent them from liquefying.   Show Links Sign up for the May 17th Marketing Roundtable! Cloud Nine Flotation Zero Gravity Institute  

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