Holiday Review, 2017 Business Resolutions

Welcome back for our first episode of 2017! Having had three weeks away from the microphone, our hosts have a lot to catch up on, including how they're holidays fared both personally and at their float centers. Dylan, Amy, and Lance also share their visions for 2017. Lance shares how holiday sales at The Float Shack compare to last year's and why he decided to average his sales numbers with October. He decided to close the center for a short period between Christmas and New Year's so that he could take some time to recharge at a cabin by a lake with his girlfriend and  talks about why the holidays posed an ideal opportunity to take a step away from the business. While the Float Shoppe had an abundant few weeks of clients, sales struggled following the discovery that the center's website had been hacked and was redirecting users to porn. Dylan talks about how they created a temporary website until a new website could be launched and how the ordeal impacted their holidays. Amy reflects on how pleased she was this year's increase in gift card sales at Float Nashville, and our hosts discuss how to handle the dollars from gift card sales. Amy talks about why the money isn't yours until the gift card is redeemed. As we look ahead to 2017, planning is key. Amy and Mark met to discuss not just their goals for the business but also their personal goals. Amy shares that she has personal goals for how she wants to spend this year and that time management can allow those things to fit into the big picture. Lance recently lost an employee, and so he and Matt are deliberating whether they want to hire enough employees to allow them to spend more time in the public or whether their time is better spent working in the center. They're also focusing their branding this year on being a club, a "floatation studio and sensory spa", with meetups and member workshops that build community. Dylan's resolution for 2017 is increased marketing, always having something going on to promote awareness and community. He talks about why marketing doesn’t have to difficult with so many resources around us to pull from. Finally, the gang discusses what they predict for the float industry in 2017. With the recent Good Morning America feature, it's clear that floating is being brought to the awareness of the masses.

Good Morning America's Floating Spot

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