Holiday Marketing 2016

Producer Brian joins Lance and Amy on the podcast while Dylan is away spending time with his new baby girl! Tis the season for holiday marketing, and our hosts are sharing their greatest ideas for holiday campaigns and spreading the spirit of floating throughout the community. Black Friday is a frenzied day of shopping in the U.S., and Amy shares why Float Nashville chooses not to participate. Instead of kicking off sales on Small Business Saturday as she has done in the past, she discusses why she has decided to condense holiday sales to the two weeks before Christmas, kicking the campaign off with an open house and charity drive. Alternately, the Float Shack is starting their sales this week, but Lance shares why the sale is ending 5 days before Christmas. Lance also talks about their Holiday Helper program, where folks who bring in a donation receive discounts on gift cards. Increased gift cards sales are an opportunity to create a beautiful piece of marketing but, if too complex, could create a bottleneck at the front desk. Amy and Lance describe their holiday gift card presentations this year and the lessons learned from years past that inspired those choices. How about retail items to pair with gift cards? Our hosts share what they’re stocking this year based on what were hits and misses in the past. It’s a tradition for the staff at Float Nashville to gather for a holiday celebration, and Amy is excited to have just booked the event. She talks about the various outings they’ve done over the years, some rowdy and some more mellow. She also had to shut down a tank for awhile this week to execute water treatment procedures on a tank that had oily soap on the surface and shares what methods got the water back to crystal clear. They also finished their four-day Floatation Celebration this week and were very pleased with the success, a nice check for the benefiting nonprofit and increase in new clients! While walking in a tank recently, Lance noticed squishiness underneath the liner. Not wanting to deal with the obstacles to ordering another liner, he and his crew decided to convert the Oasis tank into a linerless float tank. If effective, they might do this to all of their tanks, and Lance talks about why he wouldn’t miss the high-maintenance, troublesome liners. He also shares what we can look forward to in 2017 from the Float Collective. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Aromaland  

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