Hiring Tips

The hiring process is no small feat. It means finding someone to trust at the helm of your center, investing time and energy in training, and hoping that they will fulfill the potential that you saw in them. How to find just the right person who will love clients as much you do? An employee who will represent your center with integrity? Dylan, Amy, and Lance share the top qualities that they look for in a new employee and the strategies that they use to evaluate and vet a candidate. But where to first look/advertise to find the right employee? Dylan discusses how the Float Shoppe’s internship program has attracted and shaped nearly every member of the staff, giving already float fanatics an opportunity to demonstrate their work ethic, dedication, and interpersonal skills over time. Amy and Mark at Float Nashville have never had to post their job ad at more than one place before finding the right candidate. How about hiring friends? Our hosts share their stories of success and misstep when it comes to combining friendship and business. But first, some HUGE announcements at the top of the show! Big (and little) things are coming! Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan  

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