160: Hiring & Internships

It’s a bit of a catch 22…. You need help, but you’re too busy to find it and you’re not really sure exactly what to look for in the perfect float employee. Sound familiar? In this episode, you’ll hear four different perspectives as Dylan, Gloria, Drew, and Kim share their employee structure, including how they include interns. You’ll hear big differences in the way Kim and Gloria manage their internship programs, and a bit about how Dylan’s experience went in the past.

The crew talks about different strategies for finding employees, from social media, to recruiting sites, to hiring float clients, and you’ll take in a lot of different things to consider when trying to find the right fit for your center. Should you hire someone who loves to clean, someone who’s great with people, or someone who gels with the rest of your existing team? Should you hire just for front of house versus back of house, or should they switch off or combine it all into one?

And because the topic of employees is such a meaty one, we’ll continue on in the next few episodes when we talk about training and retaining employees, and how to keep your cool when it’s time to say farewell to someone.

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