Guest Brad Dauk of FLOAT.Calm

The gang is joined this week by Brad Dauk of FLOAT.Calm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Before becoming a floatrepreneur, Brad worked in healthcare IT and found himself surrounded by people who he knew would benefit from floating. He and his wife, Leah, are in their second year of operating their five-tank float center, and he talks about how they share responsibilities as business partners as well as how they separate work time from home time. Brad and Leah have been collaborating with and sending water samples to their local public health department to research the efficacy of H2O2 + UV after having to use bromine for their first year of operation. He talks about what he’s learned and gained from the collaboration. Something unique to FLOAT.Calm is staggered float times. Brad shares why they do it and details what it looks like for staff and clients. Branding and having a polished look has been important to Brad and Leah from day one, so much so that they’re often confused for a franchise. He shares their process of meeting with branding companies to develop their strong logo, imagery, and color palette that is a reflection of them. He conveys the importance of a branding questionnaire, and Amy discusses how a company Pinterest board has similarly helped her team to discover their brand. Winter weather has been impacting all of our hosts this week with snow storms, below freezing temperatures, and treacherous road conditions. Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss how they’ve handled the chaos based on what’s best for the business and safest for clients and staff.

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