Glenn & Lee Perry Launch an Indiegogo!

Glenn and Lee Perry join Amy and Dylan to share stories of starting the float industry, their feelings on how to communicate with clients and about their new float tank designed for home use! Amy’s second location, Float Alchemy, isn’t open just yet, but they’re working on getting the kombucha tap room and retail space open before opening for floats. If you’re just opening a center, she shares some great stories and tips about what to expect during those final construction stages. Dylan is partnering with a local graphic artist to create some marketing assets for upcoming holiday promotions, and Amy shares her successes in reaching out to her float community for some one-off projects. Glenn and Lee Perry, today’s guests and founders of Samadhi Tank, also share their own stories of their start in the floating world - from staggering floats because they had a single shower to bubbling water from the carpet, and all the challenges in between. They tell fascinating stories about their experiences with John Lilly, the creator of the first float tank. The whole gang contribute their thoughts on how to give a great float introduction for clients, and how to leverage that overall “feeling” that happens from just being in the float center. Glenn and Lee also share the amazing benefits of their new product to help prevent condensation in their float at home tanks. Throughout the episode, you’ll be inspired by discussions of expanding consciousness, lessons learned from John Lilly and the Dalai Lama, and how floatation therapy contributes to that mission. Glenn and Lee have also recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new Tank@Home. You can also find their calibrated thermometer, a beautiful art print for your center, dinner or a day with the Perrys, and other rewards for your support. Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Indiegogo: Samadhi Tank at Home