125: Franchising & Sex Positive Marketing w/ Marilyn Olmsted

Note: This week, we talk about some adult themes, so if your kiddos are around, you might want to hold off on listening until later. Marilyn Olmsted, the first franchisee of Urban Float, joins the crew this week. Marilyn was previously a tax consultant in an accounting firm, and she explains why she chose a franchise model and how she sees her role in the business. She has a unique view of what she brings to the business and why she loves having competition. A conversation in the Float Collective Facebook group recently addressed the issue of bodily fluids, specifically semen, in the tank, so Amy, Dylan, and Marilyn talk about the mental process that causes us to arrive at our judgments about that issue. Marilyn questions how our thoughts about sex and sexuality can overshadow our thoughts on bodily fluids and cleaning foreign substances in the tank. She shares sample language that you can use in your waiver forms to ensure clients are aware of the consequences of contaminating the tanks, without causing alarm or shaming anyone. Marilyn sponsors The Vulva Art Project, a project in Portland that aims at reducing sex shaming. It became a conversation in her shop when they began exploring how the project impacts their brand and their marketing efforts at Urban Float. She lets us in on the process she followed to check her own intentions and to ensure the program was a good fit for her business, and how she incorporated her sponsorship into her center to not only empower women, but also to take advantage of some unique marketing opportunities. The whole team pitches in on a rich conversation about how to use your business to contribute to causes about which you’re passionate, and how to balance the business perception if the cause could be seen as controversial. This week, Amy’s update should come as no surprise if you’ve been listening to the show for the past few weeks. She continues to battle each challenge that comes up - from no-show inspectors to trying to meet the demands that she’s been given, even outside of state codes, and going excessively over budget. Brian shares his story from his most recent float, and it involves a mid-float emergency text, cutting the float short, and Dylan is now thinking of adding some extra security measures for The Float Shoppe Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Float Fuel – Show Sponsor Rise: A Float Community Gathering – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Episode 67: Water Sanitation