200: Flooring!

Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes it’s rough. Sometimes it’s sexy, and sometimes it’s just downright unpredictable. We’re talking about flooring, of course! The crew hashes out the differences between all of the flooring options that are available to float centers now. Dylan shares his hellacious stories about using tile in his float rooms, and the pros and cons of the ultramarine and Takron rooms he has now. Kim and Drew talk about their love of concrete with epoxy, but both have had some unexpected challenges with their shower setups in relation to those beautiful floors. 

If you walk away with nothing else tonight, walk away with this stuck in your ear: don’t do tile floors. We love you too much to see that happen.

We also have a quick little celebration for two float center anniversaries coming up this month, because when the world is hard, those celebrations matter the most! Kudos to Kim and Drew!

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