Floating In A Time Of Coronavirus

The rising pandemic of Coronavirus and it's associated disease, COVID-19, has much of the world on edge. Small businesses are already starting to see the economic impacts as quarantines are enforced, schools are cancelled, and corporations encourage employees to work from home.

For float center owners, clients want to know that they'll be safe in a float tank without having to worry that surfaces in the rooms might be contaminated with the virus. As owners, you know that float tanks are incredibly safe, and with a little extra cleaning of hard surfaces between floats, there's little concern for viral transmission.

To make it easier to communicate the safety of floating and to provide helpful tips to your clients for avoiding the spread of the virus , we've prepared a series of graphics that you can use in social media posts and stories. Just click the link below to download them in a zip file or visit our Facebook Page for an album of those same graphics.

Click Here to Download Float Virus Response Graphics

Stay safe out there! Wishing you all the best.
- Art of the Float team