FloatCon Recap 2023

FloatCon Recap 2023

It took a minute, but now that we’re all recovered from the awesomeness of the 2023 Float Conference in Louisville, KY, the crew is back to talk about some of their favorite moments.

For Kim, it was a unique year where all her worlds melted together - her friends were onsite as panelists or offering services, one of her kiddos got to speak, her hubby put on the first ever Float Conference rock concert, and many attendees got to visit her center, along with two other beautiful centers in Louisville. With a smaller group of attendees, the conference felt cozy and intimate, and Gloria said this year felt like it was more collaborative with the panel discussions and roundtable talks. Dylan even stayed out til midnight (Portland time)!

If you were there, you’ll enjoy this extension of the warmth and sense of community that everyone felt at the event, and if you weren’t there, you’ll hear some of the insider tidbits you missed. Either way, get ready for a great experience in 2024!


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