159: Float Conference Updates with Graham and Ashkahn

Dylan steps into social media land to share his strategy for social media, specifically using Buffer to help his Instagram game. He shares how he’s creating a consistent brand on his account… and Gloria chimes in with how she breaks those very same rules, but she does create consistency in the types of posts she creates routinely.

Grab your Vanilla Ice, baby! Grashkahn is back with a brand new edition… of the Float Con! Graham and Ashkahn of Float On and Float Tank Solutions join us to break down the details about the 2019 Float Conference. Last year, they announced that the conference itself would become  a non-profit, so over the last few months, they’ve assembled a team to create the new version. The conference now has a new Board of Directors and a small army working out the details. 

They share that the basic format isn’t really changing, but the conference will be moving from city to city each year, starting in Denver. Listen in to see what will be happening each day, and what training workshops will be offered and when. This year’s focus is on establishing the new administrative structure, so it won’t feel vastly different just yet. You’ll hear who the new MC will be, and get to get giddy when you hear a few Float Faves will be making an appearance.