225: Float Conference 2021 Hype with Graham & Ashkahn!

225: Float Conference 2021 Hype with Graham & Ashkahn!

Everyone’s favorite podcast crews are all together at once! This week, the infamous Grashkahn - Graham and Ashkahn join the Art of the Float to talk about the upcoming Float Conference! This is the TENTH annual event, so we asked them how it feels to be on year 3 of releasing the conference into the wild. Because it’s been a minute since the whole salty crew has been together, we also had to travel through time to see how pandemic life has been for the dynamic duo - sharing a household and three businesses. Spoiler: “Make work as fun as possible” is their motto.

You’ll hear all about what to expect with the hybrid event this year, so you pick whether you want to attend in person or online, and why you might just want to arrive in Milwaukee a few days early (workshops! Sightseeing! More than cheese!), and stay a day or two late (Whirlyball what?!)!

**Don’t forget to use our code ‘Floatastic21’ to save $50 on conference tickets!


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