146: Float Conference 2018 in Review... And Looking Forward

Drew Kane, Kim Hannan, and Dan Larsen join Amy and Dylan this episode to recap the experience of the 2018 Float Conference. Each guest this week has a different perspective, from not-yet-open to only recently open, to “veterans” of the float world, and all experiences for attending the conference. Revisiting the Friday activities, Kim shares some of her takeaways from the marketing forums, Drew and Dan talk about what they learned at Justin Feinstein’s talk about how we can all work together to further the world of clinical research in our industry. They share their favorite conference sessions, from MC Flux’s graphical breakdown of the immune system’s response to prepare for injury and illness, to float research guru Justin Feinstein, to the heart-touching stories float customers shared. On the opposite end of the heart space, Roy Vore, an expert on pool and spa sanitation gave his perspective on whether or not we should be worried about germs in our float tanks (but it was a talk worth loving in a big way!). Kim and Drew were first time attendees, so you’ll hear about their experience of spending time with other owners and experts, and everyone chimed in on the evolution of the Float Conference to a non-profit agency. We end with something anyone involved in the industry knows - there’s nothing like the float world. Show Links FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Meet Fimo, Your Float Center Financial Modeler