Float Conference 2017 Hype!

Float Con is here, y’all! For those unable to attend this year, Dylan and Brian will do their best to fill you in on the happenings. What better way to go about that than to share the experience of an first-time attendee whose eager to make the most of it? In this week’s two-part episode, we will follow our guest, Warren Brady, to give you a feel for what it’s like. He drove to Portland all the way from Brandon, Manitoba in Canada, passionate for soaking up all the information this gathering has to offer - aiming to open a 4-tank float center in his hometown, where the closest float tanks are currently at least an hour’s drive away. With all the research findings being presented and stories being shared of lives changed through floating, surely, he’ll leave us with the inspiration to turn his dream into a reality. Make sure to check back in for Part II to find out if it was the rally Warren hoped for! Little signs of the conference commencing are getting our hearts and minds ready for this epic gathering of floaty people. Normally, Dylan and Sandra are swept up in a whirlwind of perfecting the Float Shoppe’s appearance for visitors from Float Con, but this year, their preparations include a surge of appreciation for the house their float tanks call home. This perspective of acceptance while pursuing improvements has a beautiful way of relaxing things and improving everyone’s overall experience. Brain will be gauging the soul of the industry, looking at the direction we’re headed in with float tanks. He and Dylan will both be at the conference sporting their Art of the Float shirts, so be sure to come say hi and snag a souvenir!   Show Links Float Conference – Show Sponsor California Float Concepts – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Patreon Float Conference Float Conference Youtube Mandala Ninja Fan