Float Conference 2014, Welcome to Portland!

Hello Float Conference 2014 attendees! This looks year looks like a great year for speakers and I can’t wait to get all the updates from different parts of the industry. Please say hello if you spot me between speakers! All attendees, please feel free to come by the Float Shoppe for a full tour. Our staff are super friendly and knowledgeable, so push them to their cerebral limits! For those of you who have already scheduled floats, float+massage and our Spacewalk, I am more excited than ever to share with you what we do. Recently Sandra and I have been realizing just how beneficial it is to have a mix of modalities within our space. Floating is a wonderful foundation for our business and synergize with therapy, yoga, acupuncture and massage. We are seeing an incredibly amount of healing going on here at the shoppe and are thrilled to share our passion with you, the way we do it. We aren’t perfect and what is perfect will vary between customers, so I am also thrilled to share our space with you so that you may find the pieces of our float center you like and come come up with ideas of improvement for your current or future center. For those of you who won’t be in Portland this weekend, videos of the conference tend to pop up on the conference website. I will also give a brief summary this year of the speeches next week. You can follow me on Twitter for a live stream of updates from the conference.