Float Center Marketing Discussion

In this episode, the gang discusses the many branding, marketing, and campaign projects currently underway at their centers. Amy shares the red flags that led to her firing her current graphic designer and why it’s important not to settle and to listen to your intuition for your branding. She was also rushing this week to secure both the lease on her new location and contractor before the pre-approval on her loan expired. She didn’t make the deadline and talks about dealing with that loss of the loan and how she’s moving forward. She also talks about what a Build-Out Binder is and how you can learn more about it in her upcoming Facebook Live video. The Float Shoppe’s Heroic Summer Float Challenge campaign is well underway, and the gang discusses the elements that make it such a success and why customers are digging it. And good news! We’re making the campaign available to use at your center as well. Dylan talks about the Shoppe’s recent staff meeting where the entire group took a tour of the center and what valuable discussions it brought about. The idea was brought up in Float Collective about float centers sharing their original content royalty-free for blogs and social media, and Amy asks Brian about the potential for that to damage a center’s SEO. Having checked in with an SEO expert, Brian explains why this is a valid concern and how best to work around it. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference Speaker Voting – Show Sponsor California Float Concepts – Show Sponsor Episode 34: SEO w/ Mike Arnesen Heroic Summer Marketing Package Virtual Roundtable Dan Larsen's Blog Post  

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