Float Center Maintenance & Repair

With so much maintenance required to operate a float center, a fine-tuned maintenance schedule is key. The gang discusses how they structure both preventative and reactive maintenance in their centers. As April is a slow month for Float Nashville, Amy selects a week during the month to close down to take on all the projects and repairs that they’ve noted throughout the year. She talks about parts of her center, particularly the floors, that have required the most attention and repair over the years. The Float Shoppe’s facilities “to-do” list is all on Dylan and has caused him burnout, despite how much he actually enjoys the projects. He and Sandra are working on a way to create a monthly budget to commission others for some of the repairs. Lance has been changing things up a bit at The Float Shack with regard to maintenance Mondays. They’re going to to attempt to spread the maintenance tasks throughout the week, freeing up Mondays for projects. He also discusses the cost comparison of making time for regular maintenance vs having to close down when a major repair becomes dire. After receiving an email inquiry from a professor from her alma mater, Amy agreed to close down Float Nashville for bit to give a tour to a class of students, which led to similar inquiries from other professors as well as speaking opportunities. She talks about the reasons she’s investing her time and making space on the center’s schedule for sharing floating with these eager students. Float Collective has had conversations about the need for a wider variety of photos of people in float tanks, and Dylan has been passionate about taking on this photography project. He’s been photographing a variety of float “models” in tanks and is eager to share them with the float community. He also discusses what he’s learned about the challenges of photographing someone in a float tank.  

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