Float Center Architecture w/Liz Gatlin

In addition to being Amy’s real estate agent, Liz Gatlin is also an architect, and, in part two of our interview with Liz, the gang picks her brain about build-outs for float centers. Why should you hire an architect, how do you educate them about float centers, and how much should you budget? Float center owners are passionate about the experience they create for our clients, and Liz shares architectural elements to be aware of that can either enhance or take away from the client’s experience. Liz is passionate about creating spaces that facilitate moments of pause and talks about how she would use lighting, heights, textures, etc. to design a peaceful space. Liz then answers a question from a listener who is about to sign a lease for a space in a brand new construction and is curious about how a demising wall should be constructed to minimize noise from the adjoining unit.   Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Southern Athena Southern Athena Instagram Southern Athena Facebook  

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