128: Float Alchemy is Open (somewhat)!

If you’re in the construction phase, or thinking of expanding your services, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge this week. Those who’ve been listening to our most recent episodes know about the challenges Amy has faced in opening her second location. At long last, Float Alchemy is open, sort of. We’ll dive into the all the latest happenings from Amy’s world. The team at Float Nashville has kept everything running smoothly while Amy and her partner, Mark, have been working diligently to make the soft opening for Float Alchemy happen. While they haven’t opened the float rooms yet at the new location, they have opened the kombucha taproom and cryotherapy, and will continue to add new services over the next few weeks. This soft opening approach will help them to balance the financial demands with the rest of the construction, and some changes in her original management structure. With a new contractor in place, things with the codes office are starting to progress, and they hope to have the float rooms open in a few weeks. On top of the journey to open Float Alchemy, Amy is now taking over manufacturing and ownership for the cheese company and kombucha that she sells in her new space. So now she’s expanding her expertise to include everything under the umbrella of her float center services, and now her retail offerings too. Perhaps her biggest lesson learned has been how to let go of perfectionism and ease into the opening, even with so many unfinished ends. Dylan and Amy share ideas about how to schedule your operating hours and maintenance days to ensure you’re set up for success and still not overworking yourself. Amy details the decision-process for how she will ramp up revenue and at what point she will be able to hire an employee. Be sure to listen for ways to streamline your social media posts using a few tools Amy and Dylan have tried, and how to divvy out the responsibilities amongst the team. This week, Dylan has been making some action plans to get more involved in the day-to-day operations at The Float Shoppe. He also reached out to his Facebook followers and had a great response for models for his float photography sessions. He’s also working to update their branding for The Float Shoppe. Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon