Find a Location with Leasing Agent Liz Gatlin

The gang is joined this week by Liz Gatlin, Amy's real estate agent, for a two-part deep dive into real estate and architectural build-outs for float centers. She talks about what to look for in a real estate agent and why you should expect more from them than just showing spaces. Once you've found a space you love, Liz provides guidance on how to communicate with a landlord who may not know anything about floating or your needs for sound reduction. Hear why she recommends finding a space near your competition! Liz also shares the most common mistakes she sees people making when it comes to commercial real estate. The Float Shack received some fantastic news regarding the progress of the road construction that has been creating loud noises and vibrations. They're also working on pushing their memberships, finding that clients are liking the new structure. One of Float Nashville's members has recently been hired as a team member. While Amy is usually a bit hesitant to hire clients so as not to damage the relationship, she talks about how she knew this would be a good fit. She's also going to be a guest on a few local podcasts soon to talk about floating, and she shares how she went about getting those invites. Dylan shares that sign-ups for the Float Shoppe's new membership are continuing to go up, reaching above 50. He also had to handle an inappropriate/intoxicated client at the Shoppe and asks Lance and Amy how they handle those situations. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Southern Athena Southern Athena Instagram Southern Athena Facebook

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