173: Family Therapy part 2

It’s time to get real. Really real. In part 2 of this episode, the crew talks through the challenges of “doing it all” – balancing families, spouses, pets, other jobs, other projects, and all of the demands that come with running a business. They’ll weave through hard topics like burnout, recognizing when it might be time to sell and move on, and beating death, and you might even hear something about screaming, swearing, and punching (pillows). They ponder the types of business owners, recognizing that while you might love the challenge of getting up and running, you might fizzle out when things are going smoothly, or you might burn out when they’re not. You’ll see Dylan in action as a podcaster/dad/husband/entrepreneur when his support network pops in with some sweet sounds and sweet treats.

Listen to see who says, “Just because things are going well with the business, which I’ve always wanted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s what I want for my life.”

It’s a hard look at the raw, real life struggles we all face, where we go for support, and how we all need to… (yep, you guessed it) float more.