Exploring Float Tank Innovation with Zak King

The gang is joined this week by Zak King of California Float Concepts to dive into the evolution of float tanks. Four years ago, he and his wife started the process of opening a float center and, after researching the tanks that were out there, decided that they needed to design their own float suite. Zak breaks down the renovations he's making in heating, sound reduction, the pump system, dehumidifying, and even salinity maintenance. He and the gang discuss where float tanks started, how they’ve progressed, and how they could continue to evolve as the industry changes and demand increases for user options. So how does a float center owner also find the time to tinker with float tank renovations? Zak talks about time management and his entrepreneurial spirit that began with learning how to build a computer in 8th grade and has continued throughout his life through a tenacious personal drive to work on new challenges.   Valentine's week is upon us, and The Float Shack is partnering with a local florist for a Float and Flowers campaign. Lance talks about why the price for the package isn’t discounted. Dylan and Sandra decided against doing the fundraiser for the ACLU through the Float Shoppe and, instead, are designing a fundraiser to benefit multiple organizations that will be inclusive for everybody. They're also putting the finishing touches on their new membership structure with the goal of it being inclusive to massage as well as floating. A new client came in to Float Nashville and, as it turns out, has an early Samadhi tank in his home. As he reminisced about his conversations with Lee Perry, Amy reflected on how it felt to connect with that piece of float history and remember where our industry started. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Float Collective Facebook Group California Float Concepts  

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