Employee Sales Incentives & Facebook Live!

This week, the gang is joined by Dan Larsen, owner of Oly Float in Olympia, WA. He shares how he discovered floating while working as a freelance marketing consultant, bartering floats for a marketing services, and being blown away by how applicable floating is to everyone. From the standpoint of a marketing consultant, it intrigued him how marketing would look in an industry that is applicable to countless groups of psychographics. Lance is reporting back from his experimentation this week with Facebook livestream. Despite the challenge of holding his phone in selfie position while trying not to be nervous about being broadcasted live, he has some fascinating numbers to share about the success of his first two streams. The hosts weigh in on some exciting possibilities for this technology, from center tours, to floater testimonials, to live announcements!   Then, the team tackles the topic of motivating employees through incentives or sales commissions. Dan describes the system for sales commissions that he has implemented at Oly Float and shares how it has been beneficial both for revenue and for employee satisfaction. As he describes, training and coaching is key so that employees are confident in promoting sales while not being pushy salespeople. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Gary Vaynerchuk Podcast Livestream on Facebook Periscope 2016 Future Float Center Questionnaire

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