Dr. Justin Feinstein – Part 2

Welcome back, floatrepeneurs, for part 2 of our interview with Dr. Justin Feinstein, director of the Float Clinic and Research Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, OK. Justin talks about his high hopes that his soon to be published research papers will inspire other researchers to join the mission of conducting float research. He and Dr. Sahib Khalsa are coordinating the Interoception Summit, to be held in just a couple weeks, with the mission of uniting researchers involved in the field of interoception, how the brain maps the internal world of the body. He plans to get each attendee into a float tank! Then, we ask Justin more of the questions you submitted: What disorders and illnesses, other than anxiety, does he hope to study with float research in the future? What water sanitation practices are used in LIBR's float center? Is it possible that the EEG systems that Ricardo Gil-da-Costa showed us at the Float Conference could be used in our float centers someday?! Lance brings up the topic of CO₂ levels in the tank and the potential consequences of having levels that are too high. Justin shares his background in studying the effects of CO₂ and discusses why ventilation to prevent high levels of CO₂ in the tank is so important. We also ask Justin about psychedelics and floating and whether he feels it is a realm that we should be exploring more as an industry.   Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Interoception Conference 2016 Ricardo Gil-da-Costa - Float Conference 2016 The Feinstein Laboratory >>> Subscribe to the lab’s newsletter, on the right! Justin Feinstein - Float Conference 2016 Justin Feinstein | Intro to Float Research - Float Conference 2015 Justin Feinstein | fMRI data - Float Conference 2015 Justin Feinstein - Float Conference 2014 Justin Feinstein - Float Conference 2013  

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