209: Dr Justin Feinstein Part 1

209: Dr Justin Feinstein Part 1

From LIBR to “Daddy School” - it’s been a big shift for everyone’s favorite float researcher. If you attended the 2020 Virtual Float Conference, you may have heard the big news that Dr. Justin Feinstein was leaving the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. Now that he’s officially living a tropical life, you may be wondering if Dr. Feinstein’s float life is over. As we chat with him in this episode, it’s clear that that notion couldn’t be further from the truth! 

While Dr. Feinstein has been focusing on his family life for a few months, the great work at LIBR is continuing under the direction of Dr. Sahib Khalsa… AND Dr. Feinstein’s big dreams are starting to take shape! As he says, he’s “doubling down” on floating, and he needs help getting the Float Research Collective off the ground and then opening his own float clinic in Maui. He presented the idea at Rise in 2019 and is ready to bring the whole float community into the research world, in a way that will help gather publishable data. 

If you would like to get involved, you can do two things: 1) sign up for newsletter updates located at the bottom half of clinicalfloat.com, and 2) email Dr. Feinstein at feinstein.float@gmail.com to let him know how you’d like to help.

Be sure to tune in to next week’s episode to hear more from Dr. Feinstein too!


2019 Float Conference Talk (2019 Float Conference presentation where Dr Feinstein discusses the Float Research Collective and the floating vs benzodiazepines study
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