Dr. Justin Feinstein - Part 1

In this first of a two-part series, Dr. Justin Feinstein joins the crew all the way from the Float Clinic and Research Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma! From how he knew floating held great potential for people with stress and anxiety to the current happenings in the lab, Justin speaks to various aspects of his work with and hopes for floatation therapy. Topics covered include floating and the default mode network, how LIBR’s setup allows research to be accomplished relatively quickly, Dr. Pan Lin’s work, the process of publishing a paper. What’s the peer review process like? Experts in the field? Will research hol up to peer review? How are participants introduced to the tank? Justin talks about floating and insurance reimbursement, the need for more research, wellness option, how floating could impact pharmaceutical industry. Amy talks about working with a local non-profit to make the coming Christmas days merry and bright for families in her community. Dylan shares his excitement about taking some nice, new photos at the Float Shoppe for use on its long-overdue new website, including some of Sandra, 9 months pregnant. He also sat down with a team from Nike to discuss floating and athletics. Lance had an open house at the Float Shack, which was a great success. This open house became the top sales day they’ve had in the history of their business and welcomed many people who had not yet floated with them before. Lance talks about what went into making this day such a success, sharing a few great tips for anyone thinking of hosting their own open house. He’s also excited about their new gift cards.    

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