Dr. Feinstein is hiring & gives updates from LIBR!

  The gang is joined this week by Dr. Justin Feinstein from the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) as he is looking to fill an important role within his lab and wants to extend the opportunity to the float community. LIBR is about to begin clinical trials on anxiety related disorders, and Dr. Feinstein is looking for a Lab Manager/Clinical Trial Coordinator to join his team. He discusses the type of person who would be best suited for this role, what the duties of the position would entail, and how you can apply. Dr. Feinstein reflects on the powerful moments he’s witnessed so far in conducting float research at LIBR and shares an inspiring story of a PTSD patient’s first float. He talks about what he and his colleagues have recently been working on and what we can look forward to hearing more about at the Float Conference. But first! Amy received a call that none of the lights were working in one of her float rooms. The culprit? Salt! She, Dylan, and Lance deliberate the best way to protect light switches and other electrical from salt buildup. The Float Shack just launched their new monthly membership, and Lance explains why he hopes the new structure will foster regular floaters. The membership isn't just for getting a discount but for joining a community and getting some other cool perks too. Membership floats will expire after 30 days, and he discusses why. Dylan touches on how the Float Shoppe has been doing after letting an employee go. He's been spending more hours in the Shoppe and getting back into the swing of interacting with clients, something he realized he's been missing.  

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