Dirty Tank Water

It was the quote heard round the world in the float community when the New York Times chronicled one man’s unfortunate encounter with a “used gym sock” smell in a float tank. Press from The New York Times is huge for any emerging industry, but do the cons of this article outweigh the pros such that it’s something we wouldn’t share on, say, social media? Dylan, Lance, and Amy share their reactions. So where does that “used gym sock” smell come from, and how can we make sure it doesn’t happen? Our hosts cover frequency of filter changes, cleaning filters, removing oils from the water, monitoring H2O2, and also address how often the tank water should be changed. Lance emphasizes of the importance of water color and clarity in each of our tanks and describes the various products and creative strategies he’s innovated. You’ll want to take notes on this part! What’s the difference between food grade and medical grade H2O2? Our hosts discuss their findings in response to an audience member’s inquiry. The WhyWeFloat Campaign is in full swing! Hear what it’s all about and the many ways in which this campaign is benefiting our community! Float fanatics and floatrepeneurs stay connected, both through groups on Facebook and through organizations, with the purpose of discussing topics and ideas, raising funding for research, or working toward common goals. Our hosts discuss the groups and organizations they belong to and how others can get involved. Show Links Floataway www.floataway.com (sponsor) New York Times Article Dan Elmer of the San Francisco Salt Company - Float Concerence 2012 Scumbug Spa Perfect Pure Health Discounts Nutter’s Bulk and Natural Food WhyWeFloat.com Canadian Float Collective Float Tank Association

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