187: Country-wide Check-ins

It’s an interesting world, floaty friends. Tonight is a special night. We’re dipping into a bit of the emotional state behind the COVID-19 pandemic that has bled into a fight for racial justice. Some of us have been caught in the crossfires, but we’re all here to stand up for what’s right, and to look out for each other and our guests. We never could have imagined what that would mean, but in this episode, we’re here to share some quick updates about our own centers, but more importantly, what’s going on across the country.

We’re grateful for Jennifer and Mark Gurley from Infinity Float Center in Houston, TX; Elliott Reed of IMR Float in Henderson, NV; and Michael Hineline, the new owner of Float Brothers in Destin, FL. They’ve all joined us tonight to talk about how things are going in their reopening after the COVID shutdown. Someone is having success with billboard ads, someone reopened in the wrong phase and ventured into the world of a “speakeasy float center”, and someone else is getting a full initiation by the Float Gods.

One thing is for sure - float people are special. What we provide is special, and the world needs us more now than ever. We hope you’ll use your float powers to further the good in the world and to continue helping those who are suffering and those who are in need. And keep taking care of yourselves so you can keep providing this healing gift to others.

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