Connect Anything You Want to Your Air Switches!

For the Float Shoppe’s Infinity float tank, we bought a used fiberglass tub that came with foam-core walls and ceiling meant to enclose the tub. The tank itself had two air buttons. One button for turning audio on and off and the other for toggling the lights built into the ceiling of the float tank.

We knew from the beginning that we only wanted the fiberglass portion of the float tank; the walls and lights would be thrown out so that we could create a claustrophobia free floating experience. We also knew that we didn’t want to give customers the option of turning the speakers on and off so we could control when they heard the music at the end of their float.Because we had thrown out the old lighting system, we needed to come up with a new answer for illuminating the room. We liked the idea of the soft light of a small lamp in the room, but customers clicking a lamp on and off from inside a float tank just wasn’t going to happen (for hopefully obvious reasons).

Electric to Pneumatic/Electric Converter Box

[caption id="attachment_350" align="alignright" width="240"]The ol' BPA-01Converter Box The ol' BPA-01Converter Box[/caption]

After scouring the web, we eventually found a toggle on/off switch designed for air buttons.

The technical name is ‘electric to pneumatic/electric converter box’ (now you know why it was hard to find online!). There are two types, one that only works while the air button it is attached to is pushed and one which toggles on and off with each press. Most likely you will want the toggle switch device which is known as PBA-01.

There are a few places you can order this part through:

Presair Spa Parts Plus - No longer in stock (updated 9/17/15)

I highly recommend that you call when you order and ask that they test the device before mailing it as I have received a mislabeled (but identical looking) part that only works when the button is held down.

[caption id="attachment_352" align="aligncenter" width="300"]13.10.16 plug Air button to PBA-01 does whatever you want!
(drawing by Melissa Rachel Black)[/caption]

With this you can take any air button, run its tubing from the air button to the converter box and plug the box into any standard outlet. We use it for turning a nearby lamp on and off safely, but really you could add it to any electrical plugin device you want, your imagination will be your only limitation!